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Announcing the 2022 PT50 Top 500 List

May 11, 2022 9:30:15 AM / by Platinum Top 50

22 AWA Blog Top Banners for Agents

Congratulations are in order for those named to PT50's list of Top 500 Agents in San Antonio for 2022! 

Earlier this spring, we asked brokers across the city to share production information for their top producing agents to earn them a coveted spot on the PT50 Top 500 list. The submitted information was then ranked and the Top 500 highest producing agents for transactions between September 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022, are listed below. Help us congratulate the Top 500 List makers. We are proud to recognize their achievement within the San Antonio real estate community.


Aaron & Miriam Brown Option One Real Estate
Adam Velasco Keller Williams Heritage
Adam Rivera Kuper Dominion
Afton Hominick Keller Williams City View
Aimee Blackwell Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- New Braunfels
Alan Lozano Exp Realty
Aldes Cadwallader Kuper-Alamo Heights
Alexis Weigand Keller Williams City View
Alisa Said JPAR Real Estate
Alison Barrow Phyllis Browning Company
Alyse Alonso Exp Realty
Amanda Hallmark Keller Williams City View
Amber Carpenter Exp Realty
Amy Boehm Keller Williams City View
Amy Dutton Kuper Boerne
Amy Patrick Keller Williams City View
Amy Patterson-Hathaway JPAR Real Estate
Amy Carter Keller Williams Heritage
Amy Black Kuper Stone Oak
Ana Frias Keller Williams Heritage
Ana Sarabia Keller Williams Legacy
Angela Rodriguez Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Angela Shorts JPAR Real Estate
Ann Van Pelt Phyllis Browning Company
Anna Wynne-Smith Keller Williams City View
Anna Hammad JPAR Real Estate
Anne Jones Phyllis Browning Company
Anne Gamboa Phyllis Browning Company
Anthony Boelens JPAR Real Estate
Anthony White Keller Williams Heritage
Anthony Parry All City Real Estate
April Rosado Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Ashlee Jorgensen JPAR Real Estate
Ashley Robertson Kuper Boerne
Aubree Pierson Exp Realty
Avery Mccain Exp Realty
Becky Taylor Keller Williams Legacy
Binkan Cinaroglu Kuper Dominion
Bizzy Darling Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Blain Johnson JB Goodwin, Realtors
Bonnie Rutt Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Bradley Graves Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Brandi Quinn Phyllis Browning Company
Brandon Ramirez Keller Williams Heritage
Brandon Foster Keller Williams Legacy
Brandy Cooper Keller Williams City View
Brian Shantz Keller Williams City View
Brian Paris Keller Williams City View
Brian Everhard Exp Realty
Brian Stamness Phyllis Browning Company
Brittney Horton Keller Williams City View
Brittney Koch Exp Realty
Brittney Bounds-Hillburn Phyllis Browning Company
Candice Terrazas Keller Williams City View
Cari Pease Kimberly Howell Properties
Carissa Acker Keller Williams City View
Carla Bailey JPAR Real Estate
Carla Haley Keller Williams Heritage
Carlos Mugica JPAR Real Estate
Carlos Villezcas Exp Realty
Carmen Bean Exp Realty
Carol Woodward Keller Williams City View
Carole Willoughby Keller Williams City View
Carolina Garcia Keller Williams City View
Caroline Barnes Phyllis Browning Company
Caroline Kuper Kuper Broadway
Caroline Marie Monreal-Gloria JPAR Real Estate
Cat Lodge Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Cathy Heshmat Keller Williams Heritage
Celeste Carlon JPAR Real Estate
Celia Taylor Option One Real Estate
Chad Johnson Keller Williams Heritage
Chad Nall Suburban Spaces, Llc
Chad Hughes Era Colonial Real Estate
Charles Beever Phyllis Browning Company
Charley Wasson Laughy Hilger Group
Charo King Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Chelsie Franz Keller Williams Heritage
Cheryl Nichols Re/Max Preferred Realtors
Cheryl Julian Re/Max Preferred Realtors
Chris Stearns Phyllis Browning Company
Chrissy Labatt Kuper Broadway
Christian Davalos JPAR Real Estate
Christina Nardi JPAR Real Estate
Christopher Beal Exp Realty
Christopher Via JB Goodwin, Realtors
Christy Rupp Re/Max North-San Antonio
Christyne Bongiorno Keller Williams City View
Chuck Nall Re/Max Preferred Realtors
Claudia Nolen Phyllis Browning Company
Claudia Berteaux Phyllis Browning Company
Correna Parris Exp Realty
Cortney Gill Gsg Property Management
Cory Bakke Phyllis Browning Company
Courtney Silver Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Craig Browning Phyllis Browning Company
Crystal Bradford Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Crystal Woods Exp Realty
Crystal Mendoza Rodriguez JPAR Real Estate
Cynthia Franson Keller Williams City View
Cynthia Mitchell JPAR Real Estate
Cynthia E Sanchez JPAR Real Estate
Cynthia J. Sanchez JPAR Real Estate
Dainelle Scott Keller Williams City View
Daira Vasquez Exp Realty
Dalilah Burnes Keller Williams Heritage
Dallas Pipes Keller Williams City View
Dan Bender Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Dan Roberts Keller Williams Heritage
Daniel Rigau Keller Williams Heritage
Daniel Pedroza Keller Williams City View
Daniel Lozano Exp Realty
Daniel Potter JPAR Real Estate
Daniela Marnelli-Martinez JPAR Real Estate
Danielle Crain Exp Realty
Danny Charbel Keller Williams City View
Danyelle Daniel Keller Williams Heritage
Darren Evans Keller Williams City View
Dave Wilcox Keller Williams Heritage
Dave Rutter Keller Williams Heritage
David Abrahams Phyllis Browning Company
David Marne Half Priced Real Estate, Inc.
David Kline Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Dea Driffill Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Dean Aitken Keller Williams Heritage
Deanna Wright Kuper Stone Oak
Deanna Kaplen Keller Williams Heritage
Deborah Woodby JPAR Real Estate
Deborah Koford Kimberly Howell Properties
Denise Graves Keller Williams City View
Denise Martinez Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Denise Saucedo JPAR Real Estate
Dina Murphy Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Donald Walker Keller Williams City View
Donna Cowey Bhgre Homecity
Doug Curtis Keller Williams Heritage
Easton Smith Keller Williams Heritage
Ed Snead Era Colonial Real Estate
Edith Melendez JPAR Real Estate
Elias Mayfield-Alvarado Keller Williams Heritage
Elisa Wilcox Keller Williams Heritage
Eliseo Cardenas JPAR Real Estate
Elizabeth Priest Phyllis Browning Company
Ellen Mcdonough Phyllis Browning Company
Eric Mulero JPAR Real Estate
Eric Schaffner Keller Williams Heritage
Eric Johnson Keller Williams Heritage
Erika Chapa Keller Williams Heritage
Erin Caraway Keller Williams Heritage
Erin Wolff Phyllis Browning Company
Estela Haese Keller Williams Heritage
Evalon Cantu JPAR Real Estate
Even Prado All City Real Estate
Faith Joyel Falkenberg Keller Williams Heritage
Fawn Bevineau JPAR Real Estate
Federico Volkmer Keller Williams City View
Genevieve Cavazos JPAR Real Estate
Geraldina Machado Keller Williams Heritage
Gilbert Rodriguez JPAR Real Estate
Gilley Mendoza Keller Williams Heritage
Gina Candelario Kuper Broadway
Ginger Browning Kuper New Braunfels
Glenda Cook Exp Realty
Grant Lopez Keller Williams Heritage
Grant & Jennifer Bowman JB Goodwin, Realtors
Gregory Foster Exp Realty
Halvin Gahm Keller Williams City View
Heather Elizondo Keller Williams City View
Heather Roberts Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- New Braunfels
Heidi Patterson JPAR Real Estate
Helen Guajardo Keller Williams Heritage
Henry Herrera Keller Williams Heritage
Hilary Barras Keller Williams Heritage
Holly York Phyllis Browning Company
Holly Stein Exp Realty
Hunter Croan Keller Williams Heritage
Ignacio Garcia Keller Williams Heritage
Inaky Strick Kuper New Braunfels
Irma Solano-Gutz JPAR Real Estate
Isabel Rodriguez Exp Realty
Isabel Owen Keller Williams Heritage
Jacinto Rodriguez Keller Williams City View
Jackson Team Realty San Antonio
Jacob Delgado Keller Williams Legacy
Jacob Arbizu Exp Realty
Jaime Marin Keller Williams Heritage
Jaime Aguillon Keller Williams Heritage
Jamie Amerman Kuper Boerne
Jamie O'dell JPAR Real Estate
Jamin Scott Keller Williams Heritage
Jan Boyle Keller Williams Heritage
Jane Sanchez Keller Williams City View
Janet Heydenreich Phyllis Browning Company
Janet Smalley Kuper New Braunfels
Jason Glast Phyllis Browning Company
Jason Campbell Option One Real Estate
Jason Gutierrez Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- San Antonio
Jason Payne Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Jason Icmat Keller Williams Heritage
Jason Martin Keller Williams Heritage
Javier Vazquez Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Jeanette Rachuig Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Jeanine Claus Keller Williams Heritage
Jeffrey Clark JPAR Real Estate
Jeffrey Bressette JPAR Real Estate
Jennifer Shemwell Phyllis Browning Company
Jennifer Nack Kuper Dominion
Jennifer Santrock Phyllis Browning Company
Jennifer Ward Keller Williams Legacy
Jennifer Petitt JPAR Real Estate
Jennifer Gobert JPAR Real Estate
Jennifer Kubenka Keller Williams Heritage
Jeremy Wells Keller Williams Heritage
Jessica Martinez JPAR Real Estate
Jessica Conrad JPAR Real Estate
Jessica Neal Exp Realty
Jessie Bienvenu Keller Williams Heritage
Jill Tabor Keller Williams City View
Jim Overson JPAR Real Estate
Jo Ann Ahmadi JPAR Real Estate
Joe Burrage Keller Williams Heritage
Joe Reyes Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Joe Nastasi Keller Williams Heritage
Joel Leos Keller Williams Heritage
Johelen Clark Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
John Hill Keller Williams Heritage
John York Keller Williams Heritage
John Notzon Keller Williams City View
John Serna Exp Realty
John Barrera Keller Williams Heritage
Jollyn Hilliard JPAR Real Estate
Jon Hess Phyllis Browning Company
Jordan Walker Keller Williams Heritage
Jorge Orduna Keller Williams City View
Jorge Lizalde Exp Realty
Joseph Hennigan Keller Williams City View
Joseph Chodash JB Goodwin, Realtors
Josh Boggs Keller Williams Heritage
Joshua Jackson JPAR Real Estate
Josue Gallardo Exp Realty
Judith Rivers Phyllis Browning Company
Judy Barnes Phyllis Browning Company
Judy Dunlap Phyllis Browning Company
Judy Rodrigeuz Keller Williams Legacy
Judy Dalrymple Phyllis Browning Company
Julie Alexander Kuper-Alamo Heights
Karen Gonzales Keller Williams Heritage
Karina Gafford Keller Williams City View
Karl Meyers Simmonds Real Estate
Karl Kinsel Kuper-Alamo Heights
Karla Dupre Kuper Broadway
Kasi Janz Keller Williams City View
Kathleen Oshea Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Kathy Ripps Kuper Dominion
Kathy Dodge-Clay Keller Williams City View
Katie Tottenham Kuper-Alamo Heights
Katie Detmer Phyllis Browning Company
Katie Johnson Exp Realty
Katy Hahn Keller Williams City View
Kelly Guerrero Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Kelly Jo Gonzalez Keller Williams City View
Kelton Day Keller Williams City View
Kendra Wray Keller Williams Heritage
Kenneth Pryor JPAR Real Estate
Kerry Banda JPAR Real Estate
Kevin Best Keller Williams City View
Kevin Crawford Keller Williams City View
Kevin Hutchison Realty San Antonio
Kim Gray Keller Williams Heritage
Kimberly Howell Kimberly Howell Properties
Kimberly Nichols JPAR Real Estate
Kito Smith Keller Williams Heritage
Kris Forks Kuper Boerne
Krista Boazman Phyllis Browning Company
Krista Duderstadt Keller Williams City View
Kristen Schramme Keller Williams Legacy
Kristen Smith Exp Realty
Kristin Kellum Phyllis Browning Company
Kristofer Webb Exp Realty
Kurt Jaeckle Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Kyle Lancaster Exp Realty
Labib Hashim Keller Williams Heritage
Larry Baldridge JPAR Real Estate
Laura Rojas Keller Williams City View
Lauren Snider JPAR Real Estate
Laurie Jarrett Keller Williams Heritage
Laurie Kasch JPAR Real Estate
Lea Arndt Exp Realty
Leeann Bailey Keller Williams City View
Leroy Romo Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Leslie Brown Phyllis Browning Company
Leslie Lindig JPAR Real Estate
Lia Horton Realty San Antonio
Libby Ross Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Linnsie Farrar JPAR Real Estate
Lisa Sinn Keller Williams Heritage
Lisa Guzman Exp Realty
Lisa Martinez Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Lisa Klein Bhgre Homecity
Lizeth Cherry Exp Realty
Lori Aparicio Keller Williams City View
Lorna Gentz Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Lovetta Mcalpin Keller Williams Heritage
Lucio (Bo) Vasquez Keller Williams Heritage
Luisa Condotta Option One Real Estate
Lulu Bishop Keller Williams City View
Lynn Boyd Phyllis Browning Company
Lynn Kirkman JPAR Real Estate
Maggie Wilmoth Keller Williams City View
Mallory Baird Kuper Broadway
Marc Sherron Kuper-Alamo Heights
Marcelino Garcia Keller Williams Heritage
Margo Villarreal Keller Williams Heritage
Maria Vinueza Delgado JPAR Real Estate
Maria Ferreira Exp Realty
Mario Victorica Exp Realty
Mark Massey JB Goodwin, Realtors
Mark Hampton Keller Williams Heritage
Mark Chambers Exp Realty
Marlene Trevino JPAR Real Estate
Marsha Kovar Keller Williams Heritage
Marta Rodriguez JPAR Real Estate
Mary Duperier Exp Realty
Mary Carter Kuper Broadway
Mary Bradley Keller Williams Heritage
Mary Ann Rhodes Phyllis Browning Company
Mary Jean Garcia JPAR Real Estate
Matchhouse   Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- San Antonio
Matt Macho Keller Williams Heritage
Matthew Wefel JPAR Real Estate
Matthew Resnick Kuper Dominion
Maynard Stephens Keller Williams City View
Megan Luchak JPAR Real Estate
Meghan Pelley All City Real Estate
Melisa Fitchett Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Melissa Wunsch JPAR Real Estate
Michael Lugo Keller Williams Heritage
Michael Utley Exp Realty
Michael Glover Keller Williams Heritage
Michael Schultz Keller Williams Heritage
Michael Werner Exp Realty
Michael Williams Phyllis Browning Company
Michael Lockridge Bhgre Homecity
Michelle Mendez JPAR Real Estate
Michelle Sandoval JPAR Real Estate
Miguel Herrera Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Mike Gutierrez Exp Realty
Mindi Stange All City Real Estate
Misti Rios Keller Williams City View
Mitchell Gonzalez Exp Realty
Mitzie Delgado Exp Realty
Monica Felan Exp Realty
Monique Slater Keller Williams Heritage
Monique Bordelon Re/Max Preferred Realtors
Monique Brim JB Goodwin, Realtors
Morgan Bertram JPAR Real Estate
Nancy Irwin Regal Realty
Natalee Newell Phyllis Browning Company
Nathaniel Dumas Kuper Dominion
Nathaniel Garcia Exp Realty
Nicholas Kjos Kuper Broadway
Nick Insalata Realty San Antonio
Nina Nguyen JPAR Real Estate
Norm Muller C21 Scott Myers
Norma Lira Keller Williams Heritage
Nova Stephenson Realty San Antonio
Pam Smartt Keller Williams Heritage
Pamela Mauldon Kuper-Alamo Heights
Patricia Parker Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Patrick Galaviz Keller Williams Heritage
Patrick Conway Keller Williams City View
Patti Nelson Keller Williams City View
Patty Monteza Keller Williams City View
Paul Garcia Kimberly Howell Properties
Penny Pereboom Keller Williams Heritage
Phillip Lopez Keller Williams City View
Phyllis Browning Phyllis Browning Company
PJ Clarke Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Polo Gutierrez Phyllis Browning Company
Pyper Olson JPAR Real Estate
Quynh Nguyen Exp Realty
Rachel Williamson Kuper Dominion
Ramon Renteria Exp Realty
Randon Hayes Keller Williams City View
Raul Ruiz Kuper Dominion
Ravpreet Singh Keller Williams City View
Rayanne Albrecht JPAR Real Estate
Regi Prothro  Exp Realty
Renee Bachman JB Goodwin, Realtors
Reyna Diaz Keller Williams City View
Rhapsody Vogt Vivid Realty
Rhonda Howerton Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Ricardo Gonzalez Keller Williams Heritage
Ricardo Ortiz Exp Realty
Rich Rodriguez Keller Williams Heritage
Richard Davies Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Rick Tankersley Exp Realty
Rick Grimes Keller Williams City View
Rj Reyes Keller Williams Heritage
Robert Dullnig Kuper-Alamo Heights
Robert Simmonds Simmonds Real Estate
Robert Fedewa Exp Realty
Robert Saenz Xsellence Realty
Robin Saunders Keller Williams City View
Rocky Pantoja JPAR Real Estate
Rodeana Reynolds Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Rodolfo Flores Jr. JPAR Real Estate
Rodolfo Sedano Exp Realty
Roger Fuentes Phyllis Browning Company
Roland Cornejo, Jr. Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Roman Svyatetskiy JPAR Real Estate
Ronnie Trevino Keller Williams Heritage
Rosa Thelma Garza Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Rosanna Schulze Kuper Dominion
Rossana Correa Keller Williams City View
Roy Bogar Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Ruth Horace Keller Williams Legacy
Ryan Volpe Realty San Antonio
Sally Cresswell Keller Williams Heritage
Sally Garza Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Sam Baraz Keller Williams Heritage
Sandra Flores JPAR Real Estate
Sandra G. De La Garza Kuper Dominion
Sara Garcia Phyllis Browning Company
Sara Kruse Keller Williams City View
Sara Terry All City Real Estate
Sasha Jam JPAR Real Estate
Scott Malouff Keller Williams Heritage
Sean Gillispie Kuper Boerne
Sebastiano Formica Keller Williams Heritage
Sergey Litvinov Kuper Broadway
Shail Patel Kuper Broadway
Shana Kounse Keller Williams City View
Shane Neal Keller Williams City View
Shane Hamilton Era Colonial Real Estate
Shannan Albrecht Keller Williams Heritage
Shannon Beasley Keller Williams City View
Shannon & Heather
  Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- New Braunfels
Sharon Thurmond Phyllis Browning Company
Shaunae Lacombe Keller Williams City View
Sheba Chambers-Ramos Keller Williams Legacy
Sheila Knott   Bhgre Homecity
Sheldon Grothaus Texas Ranch Sales Llc
Sheri Bailey Keller Williams City View
Sheri Edwards Exp Realty
Sherry Marsh Keller Williams Heritage
Sheryl Gibson Keller Williams Heritage
Shila Egalite JPAR Real Estate
Simon Arcos Keller Williams Legacy
Sisters Selling Nb   Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- New Braunfels
Socorro Gonzalez Exp Realty
Somer Tinsley Exp Realty
Sonia Perez-Olivares Keller Williams City View
Spencer Hasch Team
  Bhgre Homecity
Stacy Robinson Re/Max North-San Antoniio
Starr Matthews Keller Williams City View
Stephanie Jewett Paxton Keller Williams Heritage
Stephanie Stone Exp Realty
Stephanie Rinn Kuper-Alamo Heights
Stephen Galvan Keller Williams Heritage
Steve Markham Kuper Broadway
Steve Collins Keller Williams Heritage
Steve Crisp Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- Canyon Lake
Steven Garza Exp Realty
Sue Young Keller Williams Heritage
Susan Willis Kuper Boerne
Susan Mcinnis Dikin Kuper Dominion
Susan Rodrigeuz Keller Williams Legacy
Susanne Marco Phyllis Browning Company
Suzanne Kuntz Keller Williams Heritage
Tadd Chapman Keller Williams Heritage
Tamara Strait Phyllis Browning Company
Tammie Bennett Kuper-Alamo Heights
Tanner Nelson Keller Williams City View
Teresa Zepeda Keller Williams Heritage
Terri Saari Kristalli Real Estate
Terry Gill Jr JPAR Real Estate
The Schrader Group Exp Realty
Tiffany Legrand JPAR Real Estate
Tiffany Stevens Forward Real Estate
Tiffany Gill Phyllis Browning Company
Tim Allums Keller Williams Heritage
Timothee Kabore JPAR Real Estate
Timothy Warlow Keller Williams City View
Toby Vicknair Keller Williams City View
Tom White Keller Williams Heritage
Toni Mobley Keller Williams City View
Tonya Harker JPAR Real Estate
Toya Ohlrich Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Don Johnson, Realtors- New Braunfels
Trent Boarnet Keller Williams Heritage
Troy Jaster Keller Williams City View
Tyler Willmann Keller Williams City View
Vanessa Maldonado Exp Realty
Vanessa Day JPAR Real Estate
Veronica Dillingham JPAR Real Estate
Veronica Clarke Collaborative Real Estate
Vicki Morgan Keller Williams City View
Victoria Summers Keller Williams City View
Victoria Marrapodi JPAR Real Estate
Vilma Pineda Exp Realty
Wendy Ague Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors
Zach Castillo Keller Williams City View


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